Make an umbrella bag

Broken umbrellas season is upon us. It rains about 3.5” (or 9 cm) every month in New York City except in January and February. But our windiest months are from October to March. Rain plus wind equals another wasted $5 on those guys who seem to come out of nowhere to sell you an umbrella.

An umbrella is made of nylon, hard plastics and metal. All of these are recyclable. But the nylon does not have an easy home. So instead, reuse it by turning it into a reusable tote.




Step 1: Detach umbrella fabric from umbrella skeleton


Step 2: Cut out shape of bag desired (leaving enough for straps and attached pocket)


Step 3: Sew body of bag and attach straps (attaching foldable bag at the bottom of the bag in the inside)

Step 4: Recycle the metal skeleton


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Video: Michelle turning an umbrella into a tote in 25 sec

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