Recycle your hard-to-recycle stuff

(Make a wee bit of money too)

850 households recycling in Brooklyn

35,700 pounds diverted from landfills

$3150 paid back to the community

How it works

Stop wishcycling

For $3 fill up a box with “all” your stuff such as old clothes, batteries and light bulbs. Nothing wet and weird please.

Give your stuff a second (or third) life

We keep 99% of your stuff out of the landfill. We do this by re-selling, repairing & recycling (in that order).

Know your impact, get a wee bit of cash back

You'll know where your stuff goes and if we can re-sell some of it we split the proceeds with you.

Trusted by your neighbors

Teddy - Jefferson Ave

“Brooklyn people who care about the planet, this was super easy!!”

Jennifer - Hancock St

“Works like a charm! They took my non functional printer and some batteries. I'm about to give them my 1/4 full paint cans and they will say thanks and charge me 2.99 which I will be delighted to pay!”

Abby - Madison St

“An incredible step on my voyage to zero waste in NYC”

Got more questions?

It's $3 per box or bag of stuff we collect.

When we sell your items - through reuse or recycling - we pool 15% of the proceeds and then split the money among those who diverted during a given week. For instance, our recyclers in the first week of April got $7.90 back.

Some lightbulbs, a pile of clothes, a ziplock of batteries, some stuffed animals, a broken printer, a functional printer, an old iPhone, an older iPad, some cans of paint, a boulder of plastic bag (yes that's a thing)... you get the idea, we'll take pretty much anything as long as it's dry.

To most folks, recycling is a catch-all word for not putting stuff in an incinerator or a landfill. But to us, we will always try to re-use or repair anything you give us. If we can't, we work with vendors who specialize in recycling specific materials to get them back in the system accordingly.

If you're a numbers person think about what can fit in this volume: 18” x 12” x 12”. For the rest of us, it's about what would fit inside a medium Amazon box or a Fresh Direct bag.

You don't have to literally collect your stuff in a box. Any container will do!

Also, since you scrolled this far - you might as well check us out on Instagram (or even TikTok if that’s your thing): @withcues